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Spencer Lee

My greatest takeaway would probably be learning how success can come in many different forms. I see that my classmates are all doing well in their own things their way. There is no one secret to success and it is actually comprised of a lot of things. This realization is eye-opening.

I think that part of what makes ISF so special is the culture. The communities we build and the way we treat each other is very unique. We are all very competitive, we all want to succeed, to do the best, yet we do not do that at the cost of others. We help each other. This is very exceptional because I’ve never seen a place where everyone wants to succeed and be accomplished but with benevolence and peace.

I’d like to study physics and business in the University of Pennsylvania, then apply my physics knowledge in the finance world to help scout out start-ups, especially high-tech ones.

Ultimately, I just want to do some good to help foster great opportunities in this world.

Spencer Lee

University of Pennsylvania