Henrik Ng

In retrospect, everything happened in the blink of an eye. As a student who recently entered adulthood and completed his IBDP exams, I still vividly remember my first day in ISF, when I curiously wandering around the then-unfamiliar campus as a 6th grader.

ISF’s education changed me for the better. I hugely benefited from my conversations with different teachers and fellow students, who by large are enthusiastic and a pleasure to be with.

I shedded off much of my immaturity, found my interests in STEM, and had paradigm shifts in my worldview. Academically, the rigor of the IB program further instilled perseverance and fortitude in me, shaping me into an able candidate for Engineering. But deep down, I am still that simple person who is stubbornly attached to a few particular passions.

As I embark for university, I wish to not only hone my academic skills, but also to continue my pursuit of the meaning of life. My ultimate goal in life is to be true to myself, whilst maximizing the positive externalities I bring to others, whoever and wherever I end up being.