Selina Hui

Throughout my 11 years at ISF, being an ISF student means embracing the unwavering support that my peers, friends, and teachers have given me over the years.

My greatest takeaway from ISF is the fostering of my interests and personal growth. The ISF Academy has provided many diverse resources and opportunities. Through ISF’s Organ Scholarship Program, the Shuyuan Classics program, and the Shuyuan Molecular Biology Laboratory, I have found numerous avenues to explore my interests in various disciplines, allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. Even though I encountered challenges along the way, I developed important skills, these experiences helped me grow into the person I am today.

In the future, as I pursue my studies in neuroscience at university, I hope to conduct research into the intersection of language and the brain, while incorporating modern elements such as computing and AI, eventually contributing to society for the greater good. At the same time, I hope to continue developing my hobbies and passions as a musician and a linguist, while gaining new interests along the way.