Congratulations to the ISF Wushu Team!

May 20 – 21, 2023

The ISF Wushu Team triumphed at the Hong Kong Open Rookie Wushu Championship 2023, an event orchestrated by the Hong Kong Wushu Union. Among the 40 spirited ISF students who participated, more than half achieved accolades ranging from first place to merit awards. They also managed to secure two grand prizes: the “Team and Individual Promotion Award” and the “Team and Individual Highest Score Award.” 

In the team divisions, the ISF Wushu Team garnered an impressive 13 awards in total: 6 first-place distinctions, 3 second-place honors, 1 third-place recognition, and one award each for fourth, fifth, and sixth places. As for individual achievements, the team amassed 38 medals: 15 gold, 12 silver, 6 bronze, and a number of fourth to merit awards.  

These extraordinary results showcase the world-class wushu prowess of our students and pay tribute to the distinctive educational and cultural identity of ISF. Congratulations to the ISF Wushu team and the dedicated coaches for their unrelenting efforts! 

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