ISF Netball Team Concluded Junior Netball League with Amazing Performance

We are delighted to share that our Netball teams have wrapped up an incredible Junior Netball League (JNL) spring season. With a total of 9 teams representing ISF in the league, an overview of their remarkable results can be seen below:


U10 Weasels: Finished the tournament

U10 Quokkas: Finished the tournament

U12 Pandas: 1st runner-up in Division 2

U12 Fox: 3rd runner-up in Division 3

U12 Chipmunks: 4th runner-up in Division 3

U14 Dragons: 4th runner-up in Division 1

U14 Phoenix: 2nd runner-up in Division 2

U16 Qilin: 2nd runner-up in Division 2

U19 Griffins: 3rd runner-up in Division 2


Our U12 Pandas team demonstrated unwavering dedication and commendable spirit in an intensely fought match and lost by just one point in the Golden Goal. We are immensely proud of all our teams, all determined to give their all in the finals and playoffs. Congratulations to all involved for the exceptional performance and outcomes throughout the league. We eagerly anticipate the beginning of the new JNL season with the opportunity for our players to excel and to secure ISF teams’ leading position in the sport.

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