ISF Squash Team Achieves Extraordinary Results in the Largest Local Junior Squash Tournament

April 15 – 30, 2023

The ISF Squash Team delivered extraordinary results at the largest local junior squash tournament – the Hong Kong Junior Squash Ranking Tournament 2023, held on April 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, and 30.

In this highly competitive match, 38 of our resilient student-athletes stepped up to the challenge, representing ISF with passion and determination against some of the most elite junior squash players in Hong Kong. Among them, 12 reached the top 16, while five students advanced to the top 8 and top 4, respectively. We are especially proud of Justin Cheng, a Grade 10 student, who emerged as the champion in the Boys Under 17 division.

Angelo Wong, Head of Squash, praised the team’s exceptional performance, stating, “Our squash players demonstrated that courage and critical thinking are vital in the tournament. We are thrilled that many ISF students have achieved their goals, becoming top squash players in all of Hong Kong.”

We take immense pride in their accomplishments and applaud the dedication and commitment. Congratulations to the ISF Squash Team, and we wish them continued success in the upcoming squash competitions and push the boundaries of what is possible!

Full list of Top 16 positions of the ISF Squash members:

Boys Under 17 Champion Justin Cheng
Boys Under 9 First Runner-Up Jonas Szeto
Boys Under 15 First Runner-Up Sidney Huang
Boys Under 9 Second Runner-Up Hung Wai Chun
Boys Under 11 Second Runner-Up Dong Bo Ang
Boys Under 11 No. 4 Keith Chan
Girls Under 13 No. 5 Cassidy Makaela
Boys Under 13 No. 5 August Cheng
Girls Under 11 No. 6 Hung Wai Tung
Girls Under 19 No. 6 Valerie Huang
Boys Under 11 No. 8 Cheung Ying Yat
Girls Under 9 No. 9 Emma Lin
Girls Under 9 No. 10 Liu Yang
Girls Under 11 No. 10 Hebe Chan
Girls Under 9 No. 12 Audrey Lam
Boys Under 9 No. 12 Darren Wong
Girls Under 11 No. 12 Natalia Lam
Girls Under 9 No. 13 Morton Tess
Boys Under 9 No. 13 Le Aaron
Boys Under 13 No. 13 Ben Cheung
Boys Under 11 No. 16 Jace Wong
Girls Under 11 No. 16 Zelda Chan
Boys Under 13 No. 16 Chase Yau
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