ISF Squash Team Top-Ranked in Citywide Squash Tournament

August 15 – 20, 2022

Topping up its brilliant records since the Asian and Hong Kong squash championships last school year, the ISF Squash Team continues to lead the game this year. The unrelenting ISF squash players have bolstered their portfolio with first 16 positions in the Hong Kong Junior Squash Ranking Tournament 2022 after six days of heated matches from August 15 to 20. This was ecstatic news to kick off the school year.  The remarkable results included a grand slam of the first, second and third place amongst other rankings in the Tournament.

ISF dispatched a total of 30 student-athletes to the competitions hosted by Hong Kong Squash.  Among them, Valerie Huang, our Grade 11 student, was victorious in Girls Under 17 and named champion. Another Grade 10 student, Justin Cheng, and Grade 5 student, Makaela Cassidy, were 1st runner up and 2nd runner up in Boys Under 17 and Girls Under 11 categories respectively.

Full list of top 16 positions earned by ISF players:

Girls Under 17 Valerie Huang Champion
Boys Under 17 Justin Cheng 1st runner-up
Girls Under 11 Makaela Cassidy 2nd runner-up
Boys Under 9 Mei Tianxiao No. 5
Girls Under 9 Zelda Chan No. 6
Boys Under 13 Cameron Cassidy No. 6
Boys Under 9 Hung Wai Chun No. 7
Boys Under 9 Jace Wong No. 9
Boys Under 11 Lucas Lam No. 9
Boys Under 9 Jonas Szeto No. 10
Boys Under 11 Chase Yau No. 10
Girls Under 9 Emma Lin No. 10
Girls Under 13 Jacqueline Chung No. 10
Boys Under 11 Dong Bo Ang No. 11
Girls Under 9 Audrey Lam No. 12
Boys Under 11 Lucas Yau No. 14
Boys Under 13 August Cheng No. 16

The outstanding performance of the ISF Squash Team has exemplified persistence in pursuing “Zhong” and “Ai” in The Eight Virtues + One. In commitment and love for their sport, devotion and efforts to training, the players have overcome all challenges under the pandemic to attain goals and reach higher ground. Congratulations to the ISF Squash Team and wish the members every success in the new academic year!

Valerie Huang, Champion of Girls Under 17 (4th from left) and Justin Cheng, 1st runner up of Boys Under 17 (6th from left)

Makaela Cassidy, 2nd runner up of Girls Under 11 (2nd from left)