ISF Swim Teams First Ever Champions in HKSSF Inter-School Competition

October 12, 2023

Exhilarating news from our swim teams!

On October 12, both the boys’ and girls’ Division 3 (D3) teams have clinched a historic champion cup at the Schools Sports Federation of Hong Kong (HKSSF) Inter-School Swimming Competition. The crowning titles mean they are advancing together to the challenging league of D2 in the upcoming year against other top-tier schools. Accompanying the grand victory were several age-group wins, multiple personal bests, medals and trophies hard earned by an extraordinary brigade of 46 swimmers.

Prepared to be amazed as they continue to showcase unrivaled talent, unwavering dedication, hard work and camaraderie that promise greater results.

We must extend our heartfelt appreciation to our tireless coaches, teachers and parents, whose invaluable support and guidance have played a pivotal role in nurturing and bolstering our aquatic marvels. Let’s not only bask in the glory but cheer even harder for our swim teams as they embark on the next exciting chapter!