ISF Squash Players won Silver at Hong Kong Junior Squash Open 2019

July 22 – 27, 2019


Congratulations! Grade 7 student Cheng Hong Chen Justin and Class 2018 alumni Cheng Hao Chen Howe won silver in the Hong Kong Junior Squash Open 2019 respectively, achieving personal best records. The competition is part of the Platinum-level ASF Asian Junior Super Series. A total of 578 top players from 14 countries / regions participated in the games this year, among them four ISF students / alumni achieved the final eight positions:


Cheng Hong Chen Justin BU13 Silver
Cheng Min Chen GU17 No.6
Huang Sidney Victor BU11 No.8


Cheung Hao Chen Howe

Class 2018 alumni
Now studying at Princeton University

BU19 Silver
Cheng Hong Chen Justin (Grade 6)
Cheng Hao Chen Howe (Alumni)
Cheng Min Chen Miriam (Grade 10)
Huang Sidney Victor (Grade 5)