The ISF Squash Team Achieves Remarkable Success in The Hong Kong Junior Squash Championships 2022

October 29 – November 13, 2022

The ISF Squash Team earned astonishing results in one of the biggest local junior squash tournaments – The Hong Kong Junior Squash Championships 2022 on October 29 – 30 and November 5, 6, 12 and 13. Our student-athletes once again proved that the ISF Squash Team is one of the strongest squash school teams in Hong Kong.

In this tournament, a total of 10 students entered the Top 16, 7 students got into the Top 8, 2 students won the second runner up and 2 students achieved the third runner up. In addition to the students’ hard work and the guidance of the coaches, parental support is also pivotal in students’ road to success. We believe that in an environment full of “Ren and Ai”, student-athletes will surpass themselves and dedicate to bringing glory to ISF.

Full list of the ISF Squash Team prize winners:

Boys Under 17 2nd runner up Justin Cheng
Boys Under 11 2nd runner up Lucas Lam
Boys Under 9 3rd runner up Jonas Szeto
Girls Under 9 3rd runner up Emma Lin
Boys Under 9 No. 5 Mei Tianxiao
Boys Under 15 No. 6 Sidney Huang
Boys Under 9 No. 6 Le Aaron Quang
Girls Under 13 No. 7 Makaela Cassidy
Girls Under 13 No. 8 Jacqueline Chung
Girls Under 9 No. 8 Audrey Lam
Girls Under 19 No. 8 Valerie Huang
Boys Under 9 No. 9 Hung Wai Chun
Boys Under 11 No. 9 Chase Yau
Boys Under 13 No. 9 Cameron Cassidy
Girls Under 13 No. 10 August Cheng
Girls Under 9 No. 11 Chiu Tsz Yu
Boys Under 9 No. 13 Jace Wong
Girls Under 11 No. 13 Hung Wai Tung
Boys Under 11 No. 14 Lucas Yau
Boys Under 9 No. 15 Darren Wong
Girls Under 11 No. 15 Natalia Lam

Top 16 athletes (from left):
Le Aaron Quang, Jace Wong, Mei Tianxiao, Natalia Lam, Audrey Lam, Jacqueline Chung, Jonas Szeto, Chiu Tsz Yu, Chase Yau, Lucas Yau

From left:

Jonas Szeto, 3rd runner up (Boys Under 9),
Lucas Lam, 2nd runner up (Boys Under 11),
Emma Lin, 3rd runner up (Girls Under 9)

2nd runner up (Boys Under 17)

Justin Cheng