Wushu Team’s Amazing Triumph

The 2022/23 Hong Kong Open Wushu (Competition and Traditional) Championships concluded on March 11 and 12 at the Kowloon Park Sports Center. The ISF Wushu Team deserves special recognition for its remarkable feat, with 16 out of 22 members in the contest awarded.

As the highest level of martial arts competition for adults and youth in Hong Kong, the Championships featured only two categories for young Wushu athletes – the Traditional Program for ages 18 or below and the Competition Program for ages 12 to 18. The youth contingent of the Hong Kong Wushu Representative Team also competed in the latter category, overshadowing the ISF team with an advantage in age and competition experience.

Despite being challenged by professional teams, the ISF Wushu Team was unrelenting and exceptional in the virtue of “Zhong” under The Eight Virtues + One. The athletes devoted themselves to optimizing their potential throughout the competitions. It is particularly inspiring that the Primary School team members were able to secure gold, silver, and bronze medals in the youth traditional program, surpassing much older and more experienced athletes.

Yu Cunliang, CCA Wushu Team Tutor, lauded the team’s outstanding accomplishments,

We are thrilled and proud to see the Wushu team wholeheartedly embodied the martial arts ethos of ISF. Brave and fearless, our athletes were undaunted in the face of the Hong Kong team representatives, winning in the overall individual score award and promotion award.

We congratulate the Wushu team on the outstanding performance and wish members continued success in their future competitions.

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