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The ISF Academy Annual Fund or Annual Wish List was established to augment the daily operating costs of the school as well as fund programs not supported by tuition income.  We have a teacher to student ratio of less than 1:10.  Quality comes at a price.  Students who pay the full tuition do not completely cover the actual cost of their education.  The financial model that currently underpins the school’s operation depends on tuition revenue and the generous donations of parents and friends.  Your annual support is a vital component of that financial equation.

Gifts to the Annual Fund will provide extraordinary opportunities for learning and discovery, student and professional development as well as minor campus improvements.  Our main objective is to ensure there are funds available to allow flexibility to respond quickly and appropriately to the areas of greatest need at our school.

The ISF Academy Annual Fund provides necessary income to our operating budget, supporting immediate needs ranging from faculty salaries to an enviable Wushu team, from musical instruments to student art projects.

Gifts of Every Size Matter!

As a donor to the Annual Fund, you have an immediate and direct impact on each student’s education.  Every gift—no matter the size—makes a difference.  We are frequently asked by prospective donors who have no prior connection to the school, “What is the percentage of participation in giving from The ISF Academy’s parents and friends?”  It strengthens our case when those closest to The Academy support it.  In this way, your participation, no matter the size of the gift, sends a strong message to our community and others that you believe in The ISF Academy and our educational program.  No gift is too small.

The ISF Academy provides an unparalleled educational experience with exceptional opportunities for our students to learn, to grow and to lead.  Here they will find challenges to engage their considerable talents, mature as individuals, and help prepare them to face the many challenges that lie ahead. The modernization of our facilities, maintenance of our beautiful campus, students and staff development, and expanding curriculum are some of the challenges facing us today.  Your donations, combined with those of others, will make a significant impact upon the quality of The ISF Academy experience for our students.

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love” – Lao-Tze