ISF Tea Bar – Sundried Gushu Red


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Black tea was a popular trade and gift commodity along the archaeological Tea Horse Road that connected the East and the West.

Meticulously crafted and frequently pressed into cakes, this specific tea is harvested from the most revered ancient tea trees in Yunnan. This Chinese black tea is chosen for its Eastern origin and Western affinity.  Its rich history, unique processing and widespread consumption beautifully align with ISF’s educational mission to foster independent minds, Chinese virtues and global outlook.

Resembling a bar of chocolate, this playful tea bar reinvents the ancient tradition of pressing tea into cakes. Within each tea bar, you will find 12 individual tea squares. Each square represents a serving – simply break off a piece, steep it, and immerse yourself in the experience! Depending on the size of your brewing vessel, each square can be steeped 4 to 5 times.

Tasting notes: Malty, plum, raisins
Origin: Lincang, Yunnan, China

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