20th Anniversary Tea Set


Bespoke ISF 20th Anniversary Tea Set in Collaboration with Plantation by Teakha 

Tracing its origin in ancient Chinese culture, excellent tea is steeped and served with wisdom, harmony, balance, etiquette, respect and love. The cultivation of quality tea is an art form that requires decades of experience to master.

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of The ISF Academy, we present this exquisite Gaiwan Tea Set, curated to evoke a deep appreciation for the Chinese heritage, virtues and values that underpin our school and community, as you enjoy the ceremonial ritual of tea.

This tea is selected for the great deal of skill and experience it takes to make. Made entirely of the plant’s most treasured buds, each leaf alludes to the blossoming potential of each ISF student.

These spring-harvested green tea leaves are delicately layered with fresh jasmine blossoms up to eight times, imbibing their essential oils for a high-quality, balanced fragrance. This age-old floral infusion craft is an inheritance across generations, likened to the ISF excellence we wish to pass on to the future.

Tasting notes: Jasmine, sweet guava, crisp
Origin: Ya’an, Sichuan, China

This enigmatic bud-only tea is selected for its resemblance to the form of the ISF emblem – a child with open arms. Just as ISF treats each student with the utmost care, this tea needs to be handled delicately to remain intact.
Carefully hand-picked and dried from rare wild purple-leaf tea trees with no additives or further processing, these buds of offshoot branches yield a naturally intense floral fragrance and sweet gingery flavor.

Tasting notes: Candyfloss, ginger, rose
Origin: Jinggu, Yunnan, China

Black tea was a popular trade and gift commodity along the archaeological Tea Horse Road that connected the East and the West.

Meticulously crafted and frequently pressed into cakes, this specific tea is harvested from the most revered ancient tea trees in Yunnan. This Chinese black tea is chosen for its Eastern origin and Western affinity. Its rich history, unique processing and widespread consumption beautifully align with ISF’s educational mission to foster independent minds, Chinese virtues and global outlook.

Tasting notes: Malty, plum, raisins
Origin: Lincang, Yunnan, China

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