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Cosmo Leung

For the past 12 years starting from Grade 1, ISF has been my second home where I grew up, having fun with classmates and friends I met along the way while staying focused on the intense learning environments in the classroom. Even if it is away from campus or at home, every single moment contains a lesson that we can all learn and remember.

There have been many joyful moments and miserable times throughout these years. On one hand, there were special occasions such as service ELP in less-developed Southeast Asian countries, going on certain field trips to explore the beauty of Hong Kong; on the other hand, we have tackled major political turmoil in 2019, and most prominently COVID still around us when we completed our finals. Still, despite these challenges, my journey at ISF has successfully come to an end, and every moment during my time at ISF deserves to be remembered.

In my opinion, being a student at ISF is a novelty for the privileged, diligent, and open-minded, it means you appreciate the bilingual culture that the school offers, where you experience the situation of “east meets west”. One of the core principles of the IB mentions that students should hold the profile of international mindedness, which is essential for students wishing to become 21st century learners. This is what makes ISF unique from other schools around Hong Kong, as we hold the ability to become global citizens, and I think every ISF student should be honored for having such talent and identity.

During the DP years, I have been wondering what impact I could make for the future, I found myself interested in physics and advanced technology, which is fitting for the current world we live in. Then I came across space, the outer space that we often cannot see with our very eyes, and quite frankly, my name is derived from the Greek word for universe, the cosmos.

Looking ahead from the choices I have considered, I had made a decision to study astrophysics in college, and I hope to have an innovative mindset where I could create new ideas along the lines of modern space technology.

Even after all of that, I think the most important thing that we should all have is happiness, and this is certainly what we need to show our passion for what we would like to be.

Cosmo Leung

University of Toronto

Major in Astrophysics