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Crystal Deng

I am proud that our small cohort of only 60 people forms a tight-knit community where we really support and encourage one another to grow, even through positive competition.

Before COVID, ISF students were able to participate in many overseas trips for experiential learning or competitions. I once joined the ISF team in a 3-day trip to the North East Asian Mathematics Competition (NEAMC), a regional interschool event, and clinched gold for ISF! One of my best memories as an ISF student is the trip to Naples and Sicily. I got to visit the sites we actually learnt about in our classics courses.

Joining the Shuyuan ancient Greek course taught by one of her favorite teachers has sparked my love for languages.  With interest in ancient Greek and Roman culture, history and myths, I also started learning Latin. Besides languages in the classics area, I might also learn some modern languages I find useful.

I also felt privileged to access the nanotechnology lab and to use the scanning electron microscope, a rare and expensive machine in a school setting. To use that kind of technology would be very helpful in the future.

My first destination after ISF will be Princeton University. I am going to major in physics and after that will probably pursue a master’s or a doctoral degree. I hope to stay in the US for a while to research theoretical physics.

Wherever I will be, I am taking the many memorable learning experiences from ISF with me.

Crystal Deng (Class Valedictorian)

Princeton University

Major in Physics