Bryan Wong

In more ways than one, this school has shaped me into the person I am today. Whether it be the unparalleled research opportunities that ISF offers, or the most nurturing teachers and kind peers, I am immensely grateful to have grown up in such a supportive and inspiring environment.

Since joining the ISF community in 2011, I have engaged in countless learning opportunities. Most notably, I was involved in the Needham Research Institute (NRI) program offered by Shuyuan, where I investigated the Silk Road trade in ancient China. During my two years of DP, I also completed the extended essay and theory of knowledge (TOK) essay, developing and applying my own mathematical model while probing the nature of knowledge in the arts and natural sciences. These experiences have allowed me to explore intriguing ideas while strengthening my problem-solving skills, and I hope to further this passion and apply my research at university and beyond.

My studies at ISF have also shaped me as a community-oriented student. Through the experiential learning program (ELP), I volunteered at the ISF Preschool and stepped out of my comfort zone by leading small group activities for children. I have also led service projects with the local NGO HandsOn HK, where we cared for local elderlies while encouraging more teens to participate in service. Through these activities, I was able to broaden my horizons tremendously and mature as a communicator.

From academic research to community service, I am incredibly grateful for these invaluable opportunities offered by ISF. They have cultivated my critical thinking and sharpened my research skills, equipping me with all the essential skills to succeed. In the future, I hope to use my knowledge to give back to the community. As I graduate from ISF, I leave only with the fondest memories of my peers and my teachers.