Intensive Sports Camp Drills Home Teamwork Above Winning

August 9 – 19, 2022

The 2022-23 school year started with an Intensive Sports Camp from August 9-19. The camp was an active showcase of the five ISF core sports of basketball, swimming, squash, netball, and wushu. This all-round and rigorous program involved almost 200 ISF students from Grade 1 to 12 who learned fundamental tournament skills, honed techniques and underwent team training. Honors athletes were enriched with more advanced development.

The event kicked off on August 8 with an all-day Athletic Honors Sports Team Building program hosting 110 students. In the morning, they listened to coaches, motivational speakers and alumni who extolled the benefits of sports, and met new staff including netball coach Koey and Director of Athletics, Connie Wong.

Connie introduced herself and spoke of her experience as an elite athlete and the influence of sports in her life. She focused on the three main merits of sport: improving health and fitness, developing life skills and making lifelong relationships and creating a network.

She was followed by our guest speaker Karen Lo, a sports psychologist from Boston University. Karen talked about something many athletes often overlook — the power of their mind and how that hidden potential might be unlocked. She also touched upon skill sets for successful student athletes and examined the subject of sports specialization vs diversification. Should an athlete focus on something he or she excels at or develop a wide range of skills?

Codi Kwong and Lauren Li (both Class of 2021) made good use of their summer break from university and greeted their juniors in person with sports insights, while Joel Lam (Class of 2013) delivered his part in a pre-recorded video from Australia.

Codi is a wushu athlete. He is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, majoring in Psychology. Arduous training in wushu during his time at ISF has helped built confidence and resilience even during times of injury, and these have become enduring qualities that sustain him in meeting many challenges in life.

Lauren trained in netball during her ISF school days, and is now a Business Administration student at the Northeastern University. She has continued to play sports and found a good balance between her studies and training.

Joel is an avid football fan and coach. After a Bachelor of Exercise Science at the University of Canberra, he is now pursuing a Master in Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Southern Queensland. Sports have been the life support for Joel; in sports he finds resurgence, reflection and reset during his lowest and weakest times. Sports have brought him to meet people around the world, and taught him to continue to be a better self and never to give up.

The afternoon of August 8 was devoted to outdoor activities, an experiential learning program customized by specialist Mark Lovett. Teams encountered challenges and tests as they roamed C Block from station to station, learning in the process that it is teamwork, sportsmanship and endurance that count in the end, not winning.

At the end of the two-week camp, we sent our students home packed with learnings and physical strength. We have welcomed them back all recuperated and recharged for a full academic year of sports ahead!

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