ISF Marks Record Highest IB DP Results and Top University Placements

July 6, 2022

(Updated August 19, 2022)

The ISF Academy offers hearty congratulations to our Class of 2022 for rounding up a continuously challenging DP journey with the best ever International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) results and top of the world university offers.

As the 11th IB Diploma cohort of ISF, the 60 students have collectively accomplished record- breaking results across all categories in the school history. The highest proportion ever of 78% ISF students earning the Bilingual Diploma once again positions ISF as a leading bilingual IB World school.

ISF Results Summary:

Pass rate 100%
Students with the maximum 45 points 5
Students with 44 or 43 points 16
Students with 40 points or higher 44
Average diploma score


Students received the Bilingual Diploma 78%
Average subject score 6.4
Average core points score 2.6

“This set of exceptional results is a statement of the incredible tenacity, dedication and mindfulness shared by all students and faculty members who have surmounted undiminished pressure and disruption in the past two diploma years,” commended Dr. Malcolm Pritchard, Head of School, who is more than proud of every single student of the cohort, some of whom have strived to overcome personal difficulties to achieve results beyond expectations.

“It is an exemplary display of our academic rigor and resilience, as well as the steadfast commitment and support from the ISF community. Our students and teachers have navigated through all modes of teaching and learning to account for world class and personal best outcomes.  We are confident of the bright future and positive impact of ISF students wherever they are headed.”

The Class of 2022 has received 442 offers from 148 prestigious and selective tertiary institutions worldwide. Among the list are the Ivy League schools of Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Princeton University and University of Pennsylvania; University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London and University College London in the United Kingdom; Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, University of California, Boston University, University of Chicago, New York University and Parsons in the United States; University of Toronto in Canada; University of Sydney, Tsinghua University and the University of Hong Kong, to name but a few. Accompanying these offers is a total of HK$12.53 million in scholarships.

This cohort will be pursuing an impressive range of majors from medicine, law, STEM, engineering, computer science, environmental science, pharmacology, international business to music, theatre, classics, design, history and the arts. The diversity further showcases our students’ extraordinary cultural fluency and an aspiration to make ethical contribution to the world community.

The results of each graduate convey unique stories of hard-earned achievements after a milestone journey, for the majority of our cohort it has been 13 years of long-lasting memories and life-changing experiences. We invite you to join us in cheers and applause on this  celebration page attributed to the wonderful graduates of the Class of 2022.

Class of 2022