In this place, where we can learn and play,
In our school, it’s never dull or grey,
Hand in hand, together and united as we stand,
Everyone, we welcome a great new day.
Giving love, is a way we learn to gain,
Sharing pain, is a sign of being brave,
In this school, we walk together sunshine after rain,
Come what may, we welcome every day.

Individually and collectively, the Class of 2022 has lived to the fullest the ISF life, values and spirit as chanted throughout their milestone school journey.

In the graduates’ own earnest words, ISF is family, a haven for finding and being themselves, nurturing relationships for life, and honing skills for the future.

We are immensely proud of this cohort which has surpassed all imaginable and unforeseen circumstances to reach the next stage of life with best in class IB DP results.

We invite you in celebration of our wonderful Class of 2022, through heartfelt reflections, rewarding experiences and outstanding achievements.

Angelina Chan

Athena Chan

Edward Ng

Tina Shen

Nandi Xu