ISF Wushu Team Glorious Return from World Championships

A warm welcome and congratulations to the homecoming ISF Wushu Team, which made their first overseas conquest since the pandemic!

Seven ISF Wushu athletes were honorably selected by the Australian National Team to compete in the 8th World Junior Wushu Championships 2022. Held in Indonesia from December 5 to 10, the Championships are the highest competitive level within the sport of Wushu amongst its junior athletes. It was also the first post-pandemic international Wushu competition participated by over 800 delegates from 62 countries and regions, and at its largest scale ever.

We are delighted to celebrate ISF Wushu Team’s remarkable results amongst hundreds of contestants:

Athlete Competition World Ranking
Da Yu Xu
(Boys Group A)
Nanquan 16
Nandao 14
Nangun 14
Ava Tunbridge
(Girls Group A)
Taijiquan 11
Taijishan 5
Aiden Chan
(Boys Group B)
Changquan 22
Jianshu 10
Qiangshu 7
Alex Hui
(Boys Group B)
Changquan 21
Daoshu 11
Gunshu 10
Tasha Leung
(Girls Group B)
Changquan 22
Daoshu 13
Gunshu 11
Ashton Chan
(Boys Group C)
Changquan (No.3) 23
Elementary Qiangshu 7
Larissa Choi
(Girls Group C)
Changquan (No.3) 27
Elementary Jianshu 8

Granted that all ISF Wushu Team members are amateur athletes, several new to open competitions and are the youngest in their age groups,  they have impressively demonstrated gallantry and resilience throughout the games to achieve such phenomenal global results. Their success is also owed tremendously to the coaches, teachers, and parents for their support and encouragement.

The team brought home not only the honor and world rankings but also the grit, determination and confidence developed over the intensive period of training and daunting experience facing international opponents, adjudication and audiences. We believe all members have gained the most from this valuable lifetime experience. Given their young age and huge potential, we look forward to years of continued success in their Wushu journey.

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