Reflecting on the Food Fun and Fashion of Jam 2022

Nov 25, 2022

Last Saturday, the ISF community shook off three years of disappointment to gather at the Kong Sin Wan Road campus for a fantastic celebration of ISF spirit. Over 1,200 families attended the event. Walking through the thronging crowds on campus last Saturday, I felt like a solitary sleepwalker who, in the midst of a fading dream, was suddenly jolted awake, immersed in boisterous activity, surrounded by vibrant colors, the ebbing and flowing of energy evident for all to see; it felt like the ISF of old! Rather than constructing a word picture in plain prose, this week I will allow the images captured during Jam 2022 to tell their own stories for readers.

In closing this chapter in our history, I must acknowledge the efforts of so many who made this event possible. I am so incredibly proud of all members of our community – staff, students, and parents – from those who planned with foresight and wisdom (智) and ran the event with such caring passion and enthusiasm (仁and愛), through to those who complied with such respectful commitment (孝and 忠) and courtesy (禮) to the arrangements to keep us safe, happy, and entertained in such a harmonious way (和 and平). All in all, the day, our first full ‘Jam’ since 2018, was a meaningful and significant (意義) expression of our collective identity, hidden over these past few years, but now back in plain sight! Jam ON!



Dr. Malcolm Pritchard

Head of School