Secondary Library


Head of School
Dr. Malcolm Pritchard

Secondary School

Secondary, Principal
Mr. Nicholas Forde
Secondary, Deputy Principal
Mrs. Jenny Craig
Secondary, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Felicity Donnoli
Secondary, Assistant Principal
Mr. Liu Yu

Primary School

Primary, Principal
Ms. Shan Ning
Primary, Deputy Principal (English)
Ms. Jenna McKee
Primary, Deputy Principal (Chinese)
Ms. Chiang Hsiao-Tzu
Primary, Assistant Principal
Ms. Patty Lee
Primary, Assistant Principal
Mr. Ho Lun Huynh
Primary, Assistant Principal
Mr. Scott Panico


Pre-School, Principal
Ms. Tammy Tam
Pre-School, Assistant Principal
Ms. Claire Feng

Office of Teaching and Learning

Director of Academic Performance
Mr. David Fenwick
Director of Curriculum (DP)
Mr. Kevin Hoye
Director of Curriculum (MYP)
Mr. Alan Johns
Assistant Director of Academic Performance
Ms. Rae Scanlon
Director of Chinese Research Center
Dr. Bill Mak

Learning Support

Director of Learning Support
Ms. Penny Ho
Assistant Director of Learning Support (Wellbeing) / Psychologist
Dr. Karen Lee
Assistant Director of Learning Support (Inclusion)
Mr. Ethan Stone

Co-Curricular Activities

Head of Co-Curricular Activities
Mr. Simon Joyce


Director of Shuyuan
Ms. Diana Ibarra

Foundation Development

Director of Development
Ms. Mimi Yeung


Director of Operations
Mr. Clement Chow


Dean of Admissions
Ms. Jo-Ann Seow
Head of Communications
Ms. Sharon Foo
Head of Educational Technology
Mr. Sean Moran
Head of Finance
Mr. Victor Siu
Foundation Secretary
Ms. Sue Tong
Head of Human Resources
Ms. Ada Yeung
Head of Information Technology
Mr. Adams Fung
Head of Internal Control, Risk and Assurance
Mr. Edmund Chung
Head of Project and Facilities Management
Mr. Benny Lee