The primary purpose of Assessment, Recording and Reporting at the Academy is to enable regular monitoring of student learning to improve student learning outcomes and to inform and enhance the teaching process. Effective assessment provides ongoing, constructive feedback and identifies clearly how learning might be further developed.

As an IB MYP and IB DP accredited school, we award summative grades based on prescribed assessment criteria. Through formative assessment (assessment for learning) we support students in gaining the skills, content and conceptual knowledge to address the criterion requirements.

Assessment at the Academy is varied and includes peer- and self-assessment, investigations, tests, the use of multimedia, oral presentations and more. In addition to providing regular feedback to students, teachers also report grades to parents through tri-conference appointments involving the teacher, parents and students as well as through written reports.

It is the intent of the school that graduates of the Academy will receive the IB diploma upon successful completion of their last two years of Secondary School. Recipients of the IB diploma enjoy a high acceptance rate at leading universities in Hong Kong, Mainland China and around the world.