Angus Wai

13 years. It’s been 13 years in ISF. As the only school I know, from primary to secondary, ISF is very special. ISF has taken me through speech festival, project days, math competitions, egg drops, dissections; and as I step up the grade levels: house time, C&C, OES, microbiology, chinese classics, makerspace, Ms. Cheung Tsz Long, ELP, math for engineering, nano, Stamp, and all the way through DP. These experiences shaped who I am, some more than others.

I am taking away the knowledge from IB, the knowledge of how to IB, everything I experienced, and everyone I met from ISF. From doing assignments the block before its due, to studying for the final exam with friends; from sneaking around the dark corners of campus, to publishing research with Shuyuan teachers. While some may be accomplishments and some may be infractions, they are all memories. Memories that remind me why I’m here, and memories that still put a childish smile on my face.

Being an ISF student seems like 卷ing for the highest grades to younger students. For me, however, it’s experiencing everything they have to offer in this tight community, and messing around with friends outside Ford’s vision. My CV makes ISF proud of me, but the friendly faces at graduation makes me proud to have come from ISF. I am off to explore a field ISF does not promote: Aerospace.

As my future takes off, I will be sure to land back in ISF once in a while.