Carissa Wong

Having been in ISF for the past 13 years, my biggest takeaway is learning how to be brave when everything seems to be against you. This not only applied to leading, but also in pursuing my hobbies and working for my grades. Ultimately, I learned to trust myself and to remember that I knew more than I thought I did and that everything will work out in the end, even if it isn’t what you expect. This mindset allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, be more active and find myself in the process. I also realised the importance of relationships and community while studying in ISF. When recalling my fondest and happiest memories in school, I would always think of the experiences I had with my classmates and friends rather than the grades I achieved. I would have missed out on a lot of unforgettable opportunities without my friends pushing me on despite my reluctance and hence deeply grateful for them.

The ISF community has given me a safe space to bond over music, books, and other interests with people which has made me feel less alone. I am forever grateful for the Class of 2023 and my experiences in ISF.