Hans Zhu

Joining the ISF Class of 2023 community has changed everything, I am really proud to be able to polish my broken English, experience a totally different academic environment, and integrate into a home-like community.

Throughout my 5-year journey at ISF, I have been trying to contribute to its academic atmosphere, and making the school name ‘ISF’ present on the awardee list of every renowned math competition. I was so honored to be able to represent ISF as a reserve of the HK IMO team. My biggest regret here is that I wasn’t able to win a medal in the math Olympiad for ISF at the international level. Today, I am so delighted to see a surging number of passionate younger ISF students dedicating their time to math competitions. I hope you fellows could set some new bars in the future.

ISF also provided me with a platform fulfill my interest and make my dreams come true. From the ISF G9 math club to the ISF Educational Equity Association, from the ISF Wellbeing Committee to the ISF Alzheimer’s disease Association, from the Interhouse Table Tennis Tournament to Senior Social. Those experiences earned me friends and taught me lessons.

My most memorable experience in ISF lies in the bits and pieces shared with Wood house. In my early years at ISF, my homeroom supported my mental and social well-being while I was pursuing academic goals. Whenever I dream about something, someone from Wood House would always stand out to chase that dream with me. Have I said too much? I love you, and I hope you won’t forget about me.

My first destination after ISF will be the University of Pennsylvania. I will continue to embody the Eight Virtues + One when pursuing my interest in Electrical Engineering there.