Ingrid Yeung

Having spent the majority of my life in ISF, my greatest takeaway from this school is its people. I’ve had the pleasure of being taught by many passionate and committed teachers, especially in DP. I’ve come across so many talented, caring, and selfless people along the way, many of whom I am fortunate enough to call my friends. I would not have met some of the most important people in my life if I did not grow up in this tight-knit community. I am forever grateful for them as they made me a better person. I am proud to be part of such a supportive environment.

To me, being an ISF student is to be a holistic learner. Although ISF is undoubtedly an academically driven school, it offers avenues for students to pursue other interests such as the arts, service, and, athletics. I am blessed to have access to many resources which encourage holistic growth in students, namely in music, theatre, and student leadership opportunities. ISF also offers pathways for unconventional academic pursuits: I have been able to explore my interest in Philosophy because of encouraging teachers and the Shuyuan department.

Although it is bittersweet to leave such a significant part of my life behind, I cannot wait to extend my limited understanding of the world by studying philosophy and its manifestations in society.

Whilst I hope to stay true to myself, I also want to keep an open mind and consciously work on my shortcomings. I will carry the tools ISF has equipped me as I welcome exciting times with open arms.