Michelle Tse

Beyond pursuing my passions, my greatest takeaway from ISF is the importance of actively finding joy in my work. Without this enjoyment, learning would be reduced to the tedium of rote memorisation. I am grateful that I had the pleasure of meeting supportive and passionate teachers, especially in DP, who sparked my enjoyment of the subjects they taught, even ones that I found challenging. I am equally glad to have met such caring classmates, with whom I have spent almost thirteen years on this learning journey. In addition, I am thankful for the unique opportunities offered by ISF’s Shuyuan Classics department, such as the choice to study Ancient Greek.

To me, being an ISF student means upholding the Eight Virtues + One and to be always willing to learn.

I am proud to be an ISF student and will, in the future, always seek to stay true the values that this school has taught me as I continue to learn and grow.